Modules from the Hope for Children and Families modular systemic Intervention programmes are used during the assessment. The programmes provide a set of evidence-based approaches, resources and tools for assessment intervention and measuring outcomes. The resources are intended to empower children, young people, their families and practitioners when working together – building on strengths and overcoming difficulties. The Interventions that are used are:

Working with Parents: Positive Parenting

This module focuses on helping parents understand factors that lead children to behave in a disruptive fashion, to misbehave, and to help them find ways to turn this around.

Promoting Attachment

This module is designed for infants for 0 to 3 years of age, for children of 3 years plus and for adolescents. The module will help the parent and child develop a more secure attachment style, to improve the degree of attunement between the parents and the infant, growing child or young person to improve the quality of their emotional relationships.

Working with Parents: Targeting Abusive and Neglectful Parenting

This module is intended for parents who have been responsible for physically, sexually or emotionally abusive actions towards their children or who have seriously neglected their children’s care.

Working with Parents: Promoting Health, Development and Well-being

This module will give the parents an understanding about their child’s development as parents who are responsible for abusive and neglectful parenting can have difficulties and confusion in understanding what their children’s needs are.