Ballyowen Meadows is a place where we work with your family so that you can feel safe.  We help your parents to know what your needs are and how to meet them.

We are sure you probably have lots of questions, so we have tried to answer as many as possible below!

Ballyowen Meadows is a house to live in with your family for a short time, where your parents learn about children and their needs, how to look after them and how to keep them safe.

Ballyowen Meadows is located at the end of a quite road in Clondalkin, Dublin 22. It has a big garden all around it.

You will live here with your family, some people working in the house stay overnight also. (Its like they are having a sleepover with your family)

You will have your own bedroom, although if you have a brother or sister you might share a bedroom with them.
You can make your room feel like your own by putting up pictures, stickers, posters or photographs.

There are big gardens to play in, a special paly area, full of toys, jigsaws, games and art and craft materials.

The team members in the house will drive you and your Mam or Dad to school.

Families live in Ballyowen Meadows for 12 weeks. Your Social Worker will decide if it will need to be longer or shorter than that.