Ballyowen Meadows provides a 12-week assessment, which is broken into three phases, a three-week observational assessment, following by six-week intervention piece, before concluding with a three-week observational assessment to monitor capacity and ability to sustain change.

For the first three weeks of the assessment
(Weeks 1-3):

The team members will observe family life and parenting, while carrying out daily detailed observations. Team members will assess strengths and difficulties and plan interventions for the next stage.

The second phase of the assessment (Weeks 4-9):

This is a period of support and intervention for the family. The team will use the Modules from the Hope for Children and Families to work with parents around particular areas where they are finding difficulties and Theraplay to strengthening family relationships This phase is an opportunity to learn.

During the third phase of the assessment
period (Weeks 10-12):

In the final phase of the assessment, the team will observe the family to see how they incorporated what they have learned in the intervention phase and if they can sustain the change.
  • Caters for one family at the time
  • Observation are carried out daily
  • Evidenced based in a residential setting
  • Efficient and timely approach
  • Independent
  • Comprehensive recommendations
  • Ongoing intervention when required
  • 24 Hour Staffing & Support